A big thank you to all who were at the last meeting, Nov. 15th, and donated to the Vets Pantry for Thanksgiving!!

We had 10 bags of canned goods and food donations collected at the CMSA meeting. Coach Ron is the designated contact for the pantry, the donations were dropped off to him in Pasadena. He has a list of 20+ families that have requested assistance from the Pantry.

They appreciated the donations, felt that CMSA totally blessed the Vets!

CMSA Southern California is a chapter of the Case Management Society of America, an international nonprofit association of professionals in case management. We invite you to join us and see for yourself how CMSA Southern California can empower you.

On our website, you can access links that give you helpful information in Case Management. There are so many opportunities to explore, too. As a member, you can be part of the changes for the better in the industry that we belong to. Simply apply as a member online.

The organization also accepts sponsorships from interested parties. Would you like to be one? Check out further details at our Sponsorship page.

In the job market, we help fill open positions in healthcare companies operating in the Southern California Area. The CMSA website has its own Career Opportunities page where applicants can submit their information for employment, and where employers can submit job listings. It’s a community working together – whether online or in real life as we help patients and families through case management services.

  To contact us for any reason please email us at  info@cmsc-scc.org 


CMSA Quarterly Meeting

February 21, 2019
8:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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The Proud Bird
11022 Aviation Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Quarterly Meeting

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Feb 21
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Obtain knowledge of concepts related to case management practice in addition to the essential knowledge areas for case management practice as identified by the CCM Commission